Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality will reform how we interact with the world, offering exceptional experiences and unlimited possibilities to enhance our lives. Whether interacting in an alternate reality with VR or enhancing your existing reality with AR, eInfochips Aikri™ modules based on latest Qualcomm® application processors supports extreme pixel quantity and quality along with enhanced faster graphics rendering for real-time movement. The platform is designed to provide the advanced immersive VR technology needed to support superior visuals, heightened sound and intuitive interactions.

Some of Aikri™ modules Features
  • Small form factor
  • 360° 4K HEVC video decoding and display
  • Superior pixel quality & power savings through Qualcomm® TruPalette™ & Qualcomm® EcoPix™ features
  • Positional audio & 3D surround sound
  • Fluence™ noise filtering & active noise cancellation
  • Custom audio development through low-level Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Predictive 6 degrees of freedom motion tracking
  • Ultra-fast sensing for minimal motion to pixel latency
  • As a Qualcomm Technology licensee, eInfochips has strong team of experts who have experience on the latest technologies and SDKs offered by Qualcomm Snapdragon to bring AR/VR solutions to reality. We have developed a variety of AR/VR solutions across different applications including Smart glasses for biking, Entertainment eyewear and Retail solution.