IoT Solutions

eInfochips possesses over two decades of device (things) experience, managing their life cycle, serving a multitude of business cases across various end applications including smart city, wearables, industrial automation, retail automation and augmented reality (AR / VR).Our proven technical, process, and infrastructure capability spans across the IoT value chain including sensor modules, M2M devices, gateways and servers. eInfochips Qualcomm Snapdragon based eInfochips modules accelerates how product companies may develop smart devices.

IoT Xcelerator Edge Solutions(Powered by eInfochips Series)

  • Snapdragon open source framework
  • High speed processing on Nodes
  • Smallest form factor
  • Lower development cost
  • Faster time to market
  • Supports Camera, USB, Ethernet, Audio speaker
  • Multiple Wireless Connectivity Options

IoT Xcelerator Gateway Solutions(Powered by eInfochips Series)

  • Qualcomm based Snapdragon board open source community framework
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Blooth, ZigBee, Zwave, Proprietary RF, Low Power Audio Codec, MEMS Audio, 3G/4G/LTE
  • Multiple sensor interfaces, power inputs, and flexible configuration for diverse applications.

IoT Xcelerator Software Solutions

  • Complete IoT Software Stack
  • Simple to connect, Manage and Control data from Sensors, Gateways and System Layers
  • Aggregation of the data to drive the BI and Visualisation
  • Mobile enablement options for User Access

In addition to the Aikri™ modules, we can also help with custom design based on latest Qualcomm®  processors including QCS6490, QCS85550, QCS4290, QRB2210, QRB5165

Our service Offerings include:

  • Edge Computing& Engineering: Enable distributed computing for connected solutions
  • New Processor Platform Adoption / Firmware Migration
  • Board Bring-up, BSP, Device Driver & Firmware Development
  • Power & Performance Optimization
  • Modem & Sensor Integration IoT/M2M
  • IoT Integration services: End to end Integration of M2M/IoT data
  • Connectivity: Enabling wireless/wired edge devices to get connected
  • Protocol: Conversion and translation between multiple messaging and interoperability standards and protocols
  • App Development/ Rapid prototyping: C
  • Custom web or mobile applications that integrate edge data
  • Building quick pilots and proof of concepts to establish feasibility of connected devices

Some of our developed IoT Solutions

Home Automation

Smart City

Smart Watch


Remote Automation

Smart Lighting

In addition to hardware, eInfochips has also launched Snapbricks (TM) intelligent IoT gateway framework. The intelligent IoT gateway framework is addressed to product and solution companies looking to securely cloud-connect and remotely manage their sensors, devices, and applications. The multi-platform framework empowers companies in Home and Industrial automation, Security & Surveillance, Connected healthcare, Precision agriculture, Logistics and Supply chain, and other related industries to enable edge computing capabilities within their existing framework, and accelerate the time-to-market for their connected solutions.