Autonomous Machines

AI enabled autonomous machines are enabling new applications and impacting nearly every industry by solving some of the toughest problems. AI enabled machine vision, intelligent video analytics, intelligent IoT enabled edge devices have contributed to the development of autonomous machines for various industries like Industrial Automation, Medical, Consumer, Smart Cities and Energy.

eInfochips has developed modules and development kits to kick-start development of smart, power-efficient, and cost-effective robots. Leveraging strong experience of low-power hardware design with advanced AI, ML and connectivity options; eInfochips can help in custom design for these autonomous systems.

eInfochips Offerings

  • System on Module (SOM), Development kit and Custom Design Solutions based on QCS8250, QRB5165, QCS404/405, QCS410, QCS610
  • Compact, low power hardware design with advanced connectivity options
  • Custom Android and Linux development
  • Machine vision, AR / VR and AI enablement using Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) framework, Tensorflow, MobileNet, SqueezeNet
  • Camera Design and Video Analytics leveraging in-house Reusable Camera Framework

Qualcomm for Robotics

To enable next-gen autonomous machines and robots, Qualcomm has launched processors (QCS8250, QRB5165, SM8250, QCS610, QCS410) that offer high-performance heterogeneous computing, on-device AI/machine learning, advanced computer vision, multimedia and advanced Wi-Fi bluetooth, 4G and/or 5G cellular connectivity capabilities. These platforms also include support for range of sensors that offer real-time and highly accurate data on a single board—enabling developers to design smaller, more robust robots. In addition to hardware, Qualcomm also provides SDKs and frameworks to help with software development.

The above-mentioned Qualcomm platforms are suitable across variety of robots including:

  • Indoor Robots: Medical Robots, Cleaning Robots, Education Robots, Assistant Robots, Security and Surveillance Robots, Industrial Robots, Warehouse Robots, Retail and Hospitality Robots
  • Outdoor robots: Logistics and Delivery Robots, Drones, Agriculture Robots

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