Smart Displays

Smart display is a rapidly growing segment due to increase in demand of smart home and industrial automation products. Display manufacturers are looking to enable new functionality, greater reliability, and higher product utilization for their next-gen displays. In addition to visual feedback, these displays will also provide support for voice, display, audio and camera interfaces, along with enhanced AI capabilities. Leveraging its Qualcomm Snapdragon Licensee, eInfochips has enabled multiple displays targeted for various applications.

  • Home and Industrial Automation
  • Wearable devices
  • Video Conferencing, Remote Video Monitoring
  • Infotainment, Home appliances
  • Security Cameras with Displays
  • System on Module (SOM), Development kit and Custom Design Solutions based on SD 212 (APQ8009), SD 624 (APQ8053-lite), SD 660 (SDA 660), SD 845 (SDA 845)
  • Multimedia middleware optimization for video & audio enablement
  • AR / VR, AI and Machine learning for real-time analytics, AI Assistant Integration
  • Audio Algorithm Porting ,Voice command integration and Testing
  • Competency in Camera integration, in-house imager sensor tuning lab
  • Cloud enablement and connectivity to Azure / AWS cloud

eInfochips Experience

Aikri™ for Smart Displays

The Aikri product portfolio offers multiple modules based on latest Qualcomm platforms to support voice, display, audio and camera interfaces, along with enhanced AI capabilities. They offer integrated power management ICs, audio codec and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity to support cost savings on BOM, as well as on commercialization efforts to integrate several subsystems. They offer

  • Heterogeneous architecture
  • Dual ISP ideal for supporting intelligent camera features
  • GPU and DSP designed to provide battery-efficient audio, video, and computer vision use cases
  • Low power sensor core to support always-on use cases at reduced power levels
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth and GPS

In addition to hardware, they also offer SDKs for Neural Processing (Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) Software Development Kit), Video and Voice Analytics (Qualcomm® Voice Assist) and Security to help OEMs and developers solve development challenges and faster time to market.

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