Connected Camera Solutions

The Snapdragon processor has grown beyond just powering advanced mobile phones, and can now be found at the core of a wide range of smart products and connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), including appliances, kiosks and digital signage. Snapdragon’s suite of hardware and software solutions is designed to give what your customer’s need to help get the most out of devices powered by Snapdragon processors.

Taxi Camera

Augmented Reality Camera

In-home Security Camera

Baby Camera

Panoramic 360 Camera

Action Camera

Conference Camera

Security Surviellance Camera

Medical Imaging Camera

Intrinsically Safe comp Camera

Industrial Camera

AI has become the strongest pillar of future-looking tech innovations. Edge AI overcomes the latency, power, and privacy issues and makes smart camera devices see the unseen with higher precision and even learn, adapt, and evolve for themselves.

eInfochips Experience

  • System on Module (SOM), Single Board Computer (SBC), Custom Design Solutions based on latest Qualcomm platforms
  • Strong competency in Camera Design, 4K Video Solutions and Vision based algorithms
  • Only services company to have designed 30+ Cameras including IP, Night Vision, 4K Camera, Panoramic camera, huddle room camera, Action Camera, Smart-assistant with integrated Camera, Dashcam, Industrial Camera, Augmented Reality Glasses (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) glasses.
  • Market Research to Commercialization expertise
  • Production readySOMs optimized for Embedded Snapdragon Applications
  • Multimedia expertise from Capture to Process to Store to Stream the video & audio media
  • Real-Time Video Analytics on Embedded Platforms
  • Expertise with Multi-Core, Multi-DSP Transcoder for Video Applications
  • Integration of Audio / voice command (Integration of Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistance)

Why Aikri™ for your Connected Camera Solution?

The Aikri™  portfolio is based on latest Qualcomm application processors that provides: 

  • Longevity and committed roadmap
  • Connectivity: Integrated Wi-Fi / BLE
  • Compact and low Power (designed for mobile / hand-held battery operated devices)
  • Advance computing: Integrated Hexagon DSP / Adreno GPU
  • High end video capture, decode and display
  • Strong SDKs
  • Facial recognition / object detection SDK
  • Hexagon DSP SDK
  • Neural Processing / Deep Learning SDK
  • Augmented reality / VR SDK

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