Signage / Security

Digital Signage Solutions are becoming interactive, intelligent, and personalized. Moving beyond indoor displays and outdoor video walls; digital signages capture real time data and offer personalization. Interactive billboards, for instance, enables collection of data from various sensors, especially in public places. One can even enable a safety system wherein data can be fetched from devices including temperature sensors, flood sensors, and smoke detectors. The data will be dispatched automatically to the cloud. Any change in normal readings will result in alerts and notifications (HELP, FIRE! or DANGER!), that will be triggered and indicated through the display system.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors are the ideal solution for next generation Digital Signage Solutions as they combine the processing power of a CPU, GPU, and a DSP, with industry-leading power efficiency specifications. Being integrated and connected with thecloud enables the information to be accessible anytime and anywhere.