Camera Reference Designs to
Accelerate Your Time to Market

eInfochips has vast experience and in-depth expertise in designing and delivering camera solutions across a wide range of Qualcomm© processors, to cater to applications such as Connected cameras, Video analytics, Security, and Surveillance. Our reference designs for smart camera solutions are ready-to-use, cost-effective, versatile, and an excellent choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to kick-start prototype development of their next-generation cameras. We also provide a software framework that allows you to configure your underlying camera sensors.

Enhanced Support Services

Our reference designs include cameras with 360° field of view (FoV), multiple high-resolution concurrent streaming and capture capabilities, and stereoscopic vision. Our enhanced support services include:

Reference Design includes


Optional Hardware:


Reusable Camera Framework (RCF)

The Reusable Camera Framework (RCF) is a hardware platform-agnostic solution that allows you to configure key parameters of the captured video stream or images. This software framework will work on our camera reference designs seamlessly, enabling you to kick-start your development efforts and accelerate time-to-market. Please connect with our support center for an evaluation copy of this licensed IP.

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Target Applications

Enterprise Security Cameras

IP Cameras

Dash Cam and Body Cam

Audio/Video Collaboration

Home/Industrial Automation


Video Conferencing

Industrial IoT